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Arcus Trio

 / Arcus Trio

Arcus Trio

Iulian Nicolau – drums
Florian Nicolau – bass
Alex Arcuș – sax, fx

After a two year break, Alex Arcus is back with fresh material. In the new trio we can find Iulian Nicolau on drums and his little brother, producer and bass player Florian Nicolau. They are two young musicians who are already well known, having had collaboration with various artists in Romania and abroad.

ARCUS TRIO starts from elements in Romanian and Balkanic folklore, filtered through R&B, sometimes Hip-Hop, send out prog-rock and post-prog sounds and gently puts them together in their own groove. The result? An original, unique and dynamic sound, a story of the place where funk, prog-rock and urban jazz meet up for drinks and good times. Without searching for harmonies, building bridges on unexpected measures and spot on breaks, their songs are improv adventures.