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Helbock / Studnitzky / Jansen

 / Helbock / Studnitzky / Jansen

Helbock / Studnitzky / Jansen – The New Cool

With pianist David Helbock, trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky and guitarist Arne Jansen, three exceptionally distinctive, renowned band leaders and solo artists of European jazz come together to form a very special trio. What all three have in common: the love for clear melody and harmony, a distinctive, individual sound and a strong rhythmic grounding of their music. Qualities that also characterized the “Cool Jazz” steam in jazz of the 1940s and 50s to which the trio now ties with “The New Cool”. And thus, also to a time and musical development which helped jazz, a few decades earlier the most popular music of its time, to regain new vitality and popularity. The focus on atmosphere and sound, the reduction to the essentials, the emotionality of the music – all cool jazz virtues that come back to life in the music of the trio. “The New Cool” is by no means a retro project. As in their projects as leaders, Helbock, Studnitzky and Jansen draw on their broad experience and the influences of a wide variety of genres and trends – from jazz in all its’ facets, over rock & pop, to classical playing culture and soundscapes of modern music production. The result: Contemporary music, in the spirit of “Cool”.